I am staying in Biała Podlaska …

I am staying in Biała Podlaska …

Hello, my name is Ana Elisa Olea and I am from Mexico,.

I am staying in Biała Podlaska, Poland for my exchange year. I have been here for a month and it has had ups and downs. At the beggining of my exchange, I had the opportunity to see the other exchangers in Poland, I met a lot of cool people from all over the world because we had a lot of rotary meetings which every exchanger could go to. Those have been a few of my favorite moments. No matter where we where if I was with them it was fun and they became great friends to me.

I have a dificult situation because I live in a very small town 5 hours away from my rotary club. There are no other exchangers in my town or people who already went on exchange. I can’t go to rotary meetings and I am almost completly ignored by my rotary club. My host parents are very nice to me I love them very much I think they are the only thing I like about my city, however I would wish to live near my rotary club so that I can participate and live the exchange experience to it’s maximum.

My situation is also different because at the half year of my exchange I will change cities and move to a city near my club. That is not great because I will have to start over and suffer the change again because the first days are always hard. If it were up to me I would move to Katowice now so that I can begin my exchange as it should. My life here in Biała Podlaska is fine, but I feel that it should be more than that. That is how this month has been.

Thank you for reading.


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