I am living now with my second family…

I am living now with my second family…

With today January 14, 2018, I have been 151 days at an approximated distance of 10,300 km away from my home and during such important holidays as Christmas and New Year I felt the humongous difference between our cultures. I can’t say I had a bad time, I really enjoyed getting to know how the same celebration can totally change depending on the place where you are; but I for sure felt some melancholy and nostalgy being so far from my family and my beloved Mexico. I would say that the big deal is that we Latin-Americans people have an extremely big and strong bond with all the members of our family and that we also have this trouble of turning every little party into an extremely big and crazy one, that are the two main differences I found.


I am next to excited that in 2018 we inbounds will have more freedom to travel all along the country, I really want to know and get really into the polish and European culture before I leave, this means a great illusion for me. Just at the beginning of the year I received one of the best news ever (I am ashamed to say it but I almost cried because of the emotion jaja) I AM IN THE EURO-TOUR PARTICIPANTS LIST, after an emotional roller coaster with a lot of highs and lows I managed to get a place into the trip after some complications that at the beginning denied my possibilities to go.


I am living now with my second family, it hasn’t been so easy I had some problems with my mom but it seems that the situation is getting better and I really hope so. It was hard for me to adapt into a house in which I only have a mother, no father and with a brother that is 15 years older than me who I barely see. I really think that with everyone giving from themselves we will have a great time at the end.


I did understood polish like 1 or 2 months ago but, speaking it was a hole different thing for me; it seemed so hard to me but after forcing myself to do it I have found that it is just a psychological issue. You do know the words (obviously the grammar in some way always fails jaja) and you know how to use them but, you really need to break an invisible barrier of insecurity and laziness; and from there all starts working step by step.


My polish school friends are just getting better and better, they are not so different from your home friends but you have to discover the way to approach to them and developing a good relationship. At the school I am learning German I have to say that it is one of my favorite subjects, and it is wayyyy easier than polish because well it come from the same language family than English and well polish is so strange and crazy because it comes from a totally different family from the languages I know.

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