I am in Poland

Is already been half year since the first day I am in Poland, As old saying goes ‘Time fly soon in happy time’ , i feel like this half year is just like a month, everything still seems so new for me and surprise me all the time.
I learn a lot of things from this amazing journey, learn from students from all over the world or from host family and polish, Even Rotary.

Exchange has it up and down, You can’t always expect good things happen, but you can go find your own happiness. For example, If bad things happened to me, I won’t be depressed for long, Because I consider this a new experience, Learn from unlucky things is a big change of my life.

Host family is really important in my exchange life, Still remember at the beginning I was so afraid that perhaps they didn’t like me. Until now, I feel like I am one of the family. I can’t put this feeling in to words, There is too many things I learn from this family, life direction , and how a family should be like.

Communicate with other Exchange students is a very interesting to do, We all come from different country, different culture. Therefore, Introduce Taiwan to the world is very important things for me, And I proud of being a Taiwanese.
I am so grateful for everything that happens in my life, those make me stronger and stronger and I can see my future clearly.

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