I am having a great time in Poland…

I am having a great time in Poland…

Arrival in Poland:

I arrived in Poland on the 18th of August 2017.  On a 8 hour flight from Toronto, Canada to Warsaw, Poland.  While boarding the plane I thought I had seen Some one wearing a rotary blazer. When I had gotten off the plane I learn that there was another exchange student on the flight. We did not get the chance talk to each other though (I later learnt that this exchange student was Gina from Florida, USA).  So went to meet my host family in person and they were very nice.  They had made a welcome sigh and had some balloons for me it was great.

The next day we picked up my temporary exchange brother Roberto from Brazil and we got a tour through Łódź.


Polish Language Camp:

A few days before language camp my host mom Ania, Roberto and I went on a trip in northern Poland. We saw the city of Gdansk as well as Sopot, Gdynia.  It was very interesting I saw and learnt so much. Then we went to Bydgoszcz where the language camp was being held.  At language camp there was hundreds of buttons or pins traded, hundreds of polish words learned and more. I had a good time and i learned a lot. I came out of the final test with a 96% and I am proud of myself for that. Then it was sadly time to say farewell to all the friends we had just made and go back home.




The first day of school was “rough” per say. I ended up arrive early with the first years, the only one wearing a red blazer already covered with nearly one hundred pins.  I was confused and did not know what to do.  I ended wandering into school and meeting my supervisor at the school. She had a few students show me around till the second years hand my class arrived. Since then everything with school is great the teachers and students are good.  I’m having a good time.



I am having a great time in Poland I have made so many friends and I hope to continue this.  I an eagerly awaiting winter and massive amount of snow that is expected.  There is so much more, but for now here are some picture from my exchange so far.


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