Undoubtedly time passes so fast when you’re having fun. I’ve being 2 months out of my home living an adventure that is truthly making a possitive change on me.


I’ve been received by a beautiful family who live in a small city. Kalisz has the particularity of being the oldest town in Poland and I’m happy to spend my year of exchage with my parents: Wojciech i Małgorzata, and with my sister Ania and my brother Adam.



They have a lovely house and make everything in their hands so I feel comfortable and loved, and for that I’m so grateful to them. With them I’ve visited many extraordinary places and have an incredible time walking by Stare miasto in Wasrzawa, eating pierogi and ginger bread in Toruń, having rides on bike through beautiful towns and even last weekend they’ve taken me to Sheffield, English for a wedding full of so nice people and a lot of fun (and of course we’ve visited the Harry Potter studio in London which has been simply extraordinary).


I have to mention my brothers exchangers who I met in Language Camp in Bydgoszcz. The way we have connected each other is awesome. The others 54 students coming from abroad and I, have spent 12 days living together, having polish classes, visiting beautiful polish cities and making friendships that will transcend. Unfortunately all of them live far from Kalisz so I’m looking  forward to any chance of meet them again.



     Meanwhile I’ve been enjoying of my peaceful life in Kalisz, discovering more and more cultural differences, learning a quit difficult language and having fun with my amazing polish friends from school.



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