After three months of silence, I started to speak…

Hahahaha that’s so funny that you have so many rules and claims about our lives, but you just use them when you want. I know that some time passed since I left Japan, but I would like to clarified some things and say some words from me…now I can finally say what I want and be myself, because you can’t control me anymore, huh? 🙂

First of all I would like to say that Japanese people are a big liars and you arrange things to make you look as a perfect, blameless people. The situation with my come back to Poland was the most awful thing that I can’t even imagine happening to my biggest enemy. I was literally kicked out from my host family house, because my ’’mother’’ couldn’t stand how much thankless I am and how bad I am. Okay, im not saying that I’m perfect, but it’s not a reason to kick me out with my luggages from the only place that I could sleep and go.

Let’s start from the beginning. For three months of my stay in Japan, I have always been happy with my host family, because I felt safe there and I felt a lot with those people. We talked a lot about different topics. I have always tried to be helpful and to be part of this family. Many times I have been calling my biological parents and telling them that I was so happy to live with my host family. After almost three months, in my opinion of a perfect relationship between me and my host family, I decided to told them about my decision of coming back to Poland. They came with understanding, and even my host dad, praised me for the courage to make such difficult decisions. I informed my Japanese family that the reason for my return is only the fact that I do not have contact with the people my age, because the Rotary forbade meeting with exchange students, and in Japan youths are hard for a friend 🙂 because even when I started to speaking to them in Japanese, they avoided me like fire. I left Japan because of the big cultural differences and loneliness that I could not stand. A week before my return to Poland, my biological parents met in Osaka and invited my Japanese family for dinner. We spent a beautiful five hours together at a gala dinner on top of the Hilton in Osaka. My biological parents thanked my Japanese family for three months of care and they gave my Japanese host family presents. All were perfect. In two days after this 'gala’ dinner, I was thrown out of my host family house. During the entire Friday after leaving the school, I could not get in or receive an answer to my texts sent to my host mother and my host father. I did not know what was going on. After returning home, I did not find anybody. After 10 o’clock, my host dad came back and told that my host mother would not come back home until I will sleep in it and that she don’t want to see my face never again. I was shock. I started to crying and ask about what’s going on! I got an oily response, without any trace and composition. Zero argumentation of the behavior of my host mother. I was told to pack up and go to the hotel in the morning. Fortunately, my biological parents were still in Japan, albeit in a different city and they saved me from this hopeless situation. Rotary did not react. They did not provide me with space or food. I’ve been homeless and unaccompanied, whole Saturday with the all luggages. It did not interest anyone whether I lived, what I am doing and where I am. I did not get any phone asking if everything was okay. Nothing. This day was the worst horror of my life. My parents, unaware, visiting another city in Japan received a phone call from me with this shocking information. My biological daddy had to come after me from Fukuyama to Osaka without knowing the language, culture or route. He had to pay the travel expenses himself to save his daughter who was thrown out like a dog. Rortary still did not speak or was interested in my fate. The next days were a real massacre. Neither me, not my parents, not my friends, not host family in Poland, which host exchange students, could understand what happened. A lot of things happen in host families but have never been satiated to throw the child out on the streets in a foreign state. I remind you that on the day when I found out that my host mom does not want to see me again, I had my flight back to Poland in 5 days… c’mon, she could not stand those few days and finish the affair like an adult, responsibly, not like a 5-year-old child?

And what now?

Until my return 5 days, and I have nowhere to go. My biological parents finished their trip in Japan, and all the hotels (which also wanted to pay my biological parents) were reserved even in other nearby cities. My ticket had to be re-made for what my parents paid, and the Japanese rotary was still not interested in my fate. On the day of my departure at the airport appeared a representative of the Japanese Rotary to only take a photo of me that I’m leaving Japan and pick up the internet which belonged to the Rotary … as it was the most important thing in the world ;))
I would also like to say that the Japanese people involved in this matter have repeatedly resorted to lies and arguments that did not make sense. They tried to whitewash and refute all the words of criticism.

For me, the exchange was not something new, because I spent a year in Argentina and I know how everything should function and work. In Japan, everyone want me to be a different person. I felt bad and unacceptable. Dear Japanese people, you ask to respect your culture, and you can not respect another. The relationship that are made in Japan are very strange and uncharacteristic to me, although I have tried to understand them many times. Getting friendships is not a question about her, it comes naturally. I was also forced to take part in an excessive amount of activities, which I was not completely interested in and for which reason they were mentally exhausted. You’ve tried to change me in someone I’m not, and that was the worst. As I say that I do not want to play the violin or dance in a band, I do mean it!!!. I know that many exchanges that are under the care of the Japanese Rotary will agree with me, but They will never say it to you because They are scared… but for that I can finally say what I think, because I’m free !!! I can do whatever I want and you can’t do nothing about it 🙂

Today I received a phone call from a boy from Poland who would like to go to Japan for an exchange, I could only do one thing, I said don’t do it. I advise it against any one person who asks me to go to Japan. Well, I can 🙂
I also have a grudge against the Japanese rotary from the fact that no consequences have been drawn against my host family, and you are so consequent, aren’t you? hahaha 🙂 well, you are unfair and I’m glad I do not belong anymore to a society that is so hypocritical.

You are a sad, full of complexes country, for which the most important is the work and this what others thinks, zero space for relationships … for friendships, for love, for happiness. You are looking for an escape in the virtual world and at work, and this is losing you, because nothing will replace the other person whom you can touch or hug. Stop for a moment and think about whether the work and position are really so important. Excessive amount of activities and responsibilities that you overlap will not make you better people. Free yourself and relax, because life is not only hard work and loneliness 🙂

Sincerely, Wiktoria Romańska (a girl who breaks all the rules and rules the world) 🙂

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