At the beginning of this month was a little bit hard…

At the beginning of this month was a little bit hard…


This month I felt more adapted in the polish culture, finally I can understand almost everything but I’m still having problems with the pronunciation and the grammar, more with the grammar. But I think that I just need to practice more and more. in the school I still having problems to find friends but not like the beginning, I have some friends in the school and recently we hang out and they show me the places where usually they go.


Last weekend was my little host brother birthday and we went to the hotel from my grandpa and meet all the family. It was nice because I could talk with my grandmothers and with all the family in polish.


Yesterday was my mom’s birthday and it was a little nostalgic for me, but I spend all day with my friends, and I didn’t think a lot about it.

At the beginning of this month was a little bit hard because I started to miss Mexico a lot, but I think I had a big progress and this last week in particular was the happiest week I ever had in Poland.


Next week my grandparents will take me to meet the east part of Poland, and in there I will see snow for first time in my life and I’m so excited for that.

I’m preparing myself for the polish exam of December because I really want to past it to be able to travel alone around Poland.


I’m a little afraid for change my host family because I don’t want to live with someone that won’t accept me and be uncomfortable in with them. Right know I feel like in home with Agnieszka and Sebastian, they listen to me, support me and I feel so happy there. I love that I feel like I’m another son for they and not only a guest. Also, I have a good relationship with my host brothers, and I like spend time with Antek.


In the polish class I feel like I’m getting better, I have a good grade but still feeling like if all is the same. I don’t like the way she is sometimes and that we can’t say anything, only what she wants to hear and some details more that make us feel bad with her.


I’m happy because everything is going pretty well, I’ll start going to the gym and I’m looking for more activities, but everything is so expensive so I’m looking for free lessons of something.


To resume, everything is going pretty well, I’m getting better in polish, the school is the same, my friends are amazing

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