We have 4 pets,one dog and three cats…

We have 4 pets,one dog and three cats…

First of all, I want to introduce my incredible family.In my family,there are my dad,mom,sis and my host brother who is now in Taiwan for exchange.(The photo below is me and my host parent and my Italian friend,by the way,she is also an exchange student)



My sister is an amazing person,she’s only 14 years old but she’s a mature and stable but not the lack of enthusiasm.



We have 4 pets,one dog and three cats .(The picture below is my dog and one of my cat,they sleep with me quite often💖)



In Warszaw,there are 11 exchange students ,we have Polish lessons together for 6 hours per week .The most unbelievable thing is that our Polish teacher don’t speak English so that there may be a big gap between us.




(Below is the photo that we were celebrating the girl who’s from Taiwan’s birthday.)




During this month,I’ve learned a lot and it was really wonderful,I love my host family so much and so do my friends.Those things and events I experienced was the best that I could have.



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