September 2016

September 2016

First took the opportunity to send a cordial greeting and thanks for the opportunity given to me to make this exchange. On this occasion I am happy to hear from you about a week ago was my first month in Poland and loved.

I’ve been learning some Polish gradually I’m adapting to this country, and I feel very good with that, I’m trying to use every moment to the fullest in order to have the best experience in this exchange and to learn best this exchange.

My family is the best I received very warm mind and I are the best people support me and understand I like to know my culture and I hellos taught me so far all that and I keep trying well as the first day arrives to Poland.


I’m adapting quickly and I think soon be able to speak this language I’ve been resiviendo support of my family they are my host family whom I think deserve an award for the best family of all why there are super.

Current mind’m getting Polish lessons with a teacher to whom is given very well explain this language to me I find it very complicated and I hope to talk soon to go into this beautiful country that is the best I it could have happened in this life.



Throughout this month and last knowing this beautiful country I have not encountered any problem and continue to hope and thus have an excellent exchange.



I hope I have fulfilled all expectations a intercambista may have with my host family and hope to support them more in the future without further ado I appreciate the time and interest thanks.


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